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Mrs. Mary Whitford 07-30-2009 11:01 PM

The Official YouTube channel
We at Landover Baptist Church are constantly wracking our brains trying to figure out how to get through to sinners who just don't want to stop rebelling against God. We do what we can to those who refuse to heed "UNSAVED UNWELCOME!" at the top of this forum and interrupt our True Christian™ fellowship.
Now we have another place on these twisted tubes of internet for you to pester us. Our OFFICIAL YouTube channel. We will post video tracts, films that interest us, and maybe even the occasional Godcast. So come see us at and do your woebegotten soul some good.

Mrs. Mary Whitford 08-05-2009 02:53 AM

Re: The Official YouTube channel


Mrs. Mary Whitford 08-05-2009 02:54 AM

Re: The Official YouTube channel


Mrs. Mary Whitford 11-19-2009 05:39 AM

Re: The Official YouTube channel


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