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BrotherLarry 04-25-2019 05:57 PM

Name it Netanyahu
The Lord moved upon Brother Jim Lombardo to recommend naming a mountain after Ben Netanyahu, that glorious Israeli who brings conservative, God-given sense to that war-torn region. Thanks to the inspiration of our LORD GOD, here is the song this recommendation helped bring into existence. Give the glory to God, not me.

Name it Netanyahu
By BrotherLarry (and of course, the Master of Songs, the LORD GOD)

Somewhere God built a mountain
Made it sturdy, hard, and tall
He gave it extra granite
The fairest mountain of them all
Then He said, "Son, what shall we name it?
Shall it be Everest, Rainier, or Hood?"
Jesus said, "No, those are taken, Dad
But here's one that's really good!"


Name it Netanyahu, after Benjamin fair
Name it Netanyahu, just to show we care
We'll get the Trump of God to give it that name
We'll get the Trump of God because they are just the same
Netanyahu! Netanyahu! Netanyahu!

The name of Netanyahu will last
Like Ben, it will stand steadfast
Surely people will sing this rhyme
And then will want to climb
On the mountain that we'll name Netanyahu!
The very name Netanyahu means Netanyahu
And that's a very good thing
So name it Netanyahu and let's all join and sing:

(Repeat Chorus)

Jim C. Lombardo 05-01-2019 08:35 PM

Re: Name it Netanyahu
Brother, after hearing your blessed song, how can one NOT believe in a Lord God Almighty? Truly, Bibi is a force that carries through all who are touched by Jesus. :wub:

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