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Basilissa 02-02-2019 11:29 PM

Proof that Homosexuality is Contagious
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Once-prominent 'conversion therapist' will now 'pursue life as a gay man'

David Matheson, a once prominent Mormon “conversion therapist” who claims to have helped some gay men remain in heterosexual marriages, is looking for a boyfriend.
The revelation broke Sunday night after the LGBTQ nonprofit Truth Wins Out obtained a private Facebook post made by “conversion therapy” advocate Rich Wyler, which stated that Matheson “says that living a single, celibate life ‘just isn’t feasible for him,’ so he’s seeking a male partner.”
Matheson then confirmed Wyler’s assertions on Tuesday with a Facebook post of his own. “A year ago I realized I had to make substantial changes in my life. I realized I couldn’t stay in my marriage any longer. And I realized that it was time for me to affirm myself as gay,” he wrote.
Matheson, who was married to a woman for 34 years and is now divorced, also confirmed in an interview with NBC News that he is now dating men.

Now, of course this poor soul has been doomed to :hell-2: for being a Moron, nonetheless, this is PROOF that homosexuality is contagious. Here we have a perfectly straight man (as confirmed by his marriage of 34 years), who has been in prolonged contact with the homosexuals, selflessly trying to cure them from their disease, only to contract that disease himself. There is something very tragic, but also poetic about this story, like a doctor who works among the lepers and eventually becomes a leper himself. That shows that True Christian™ Heroism can be found even among the godless Mormons.

Johny Joe Hold 02-03-2019 01:23 AM

Re: Proof that Homosexuality is Contagious
So much of our society does not understand the homosexuality is contagious and can lead an innocent person like this heterosexual man deep into sin.

We here at Landover Baptist have been at the forefront of the war to contain homosexuality and not allow it to spread out of control across the country. It's like Landover Baptist is the "Center for Disease Control" in homerism.

How bad can it get? The National Gay Pilots Association. It now means the next time you travel your pilot might have is mind on anal sex instead of flying your plane:

The NGPA is the largest organization of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender aviation professionals and enthusiasts from around the world.

Dennis Lukes 02-03-2019 02:54 AM

Re: Proof that Homosexuality is Contagious
It seems reasonable to assume that a gay conversion therapist-turned-gay would be the most dangerous kind of queer imaginable. He knows all the ins and outs of conversion therapy, so it seems highly unlikely that they would work on him, like a home security consultant-turned-burglar. He should probably be arrested and executed in accordance with Leviticus 20:13. Who knows how many anuses he'll rape if left unchecked?

Considering the fact that this creep was a Mormon, not a Christian, it's also possible that he was a fag the whole time, and took the job in the first place in order to take advantage of vulnerable young men and boys trying to turn their lives around. Sickening! His false prophet Joseph Smith was a con artist who made up a fake religion just so he could marry a bunch of teenage girls, so there's a precedent for such predatory behavior within his idiotic religion.

BrotherLarry 02-07-2019 02:21 AM

Re: Proof that Homosexuality is Contagious
I believe the Lord has protected me from the gayness because of my dedication to His service. What else could explain my complete immunity considering a day does not go by when I am not ministering to a homer? This is further evidence of our Lord’s power over sin.

MitzaLizalor 02-15-2019 02:11 PM

Re: Proof that Homosexuality is Contagious


Originally Posted by Basilissa (Post 1245711)


“..people need to understand that there is more than one reality in the world.”

Now forgive me if I'm being obtuse but surely the only real. reality is reality itself? The one with purple suns in a tartan sky where owls fly backwards is not actually reality at all. Many people have incomplete or warped knowledge. of reality and base decisions on deficient or unsound criteria. Obviously those decisions will clash with reality although for hermits in a cave perhaps it doesn't matter. They never interact with anything to find out.

There is one person who knows all about reality because He created it: God.

A good example would be people who think a special form of words uttered to police officers prevents them from being arrested when they break the law. They embark on some idiotic scheme fancying themselves to be immune (because they know the magic words) then go into meltdown when the magic words don't work. In "their reality" the mumbo-jumbo is big-power wizard-speak but in actual reality it's obstruction followed by contempt. It would be better if they read an actual law.

God's Law deals with reality. He knows that Adam was not a homosexual. One day someone decided to be homosexual for the first time. That someone would be all alone UNLESS it was possible to contaminate someone else. The fact that so many people disregard God's very clear statement now shows that the abomination indeed spread. From no-one at all to the first homosexual very much, as Basilissa noted, like leprosy. Surely it's worse than that, I've never seen a leper pride march or anything but homoerotic themes are all over the place. That makes it pretty virulent by anyone's standard and explains why God's stance is so wide-ranging on this contagion.

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