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BrotherLarry 06-12-2019 12:09 AM

Invest in South American Flour
Many Landover True Christiansô are wealthy individuals with a few hundred thousand to millions just laying around collecting dust. Is this you? Wish you had an investment opportunity that honors Jesus and helps others?

I am aware of a "flour" business in Bolivia and other South American countries that is a SURE FIRE way to success. While your investment remains completely confidential (I'm sworn to it), your bank account will prosper! Your return on investment will be AMAZING.

The only "catch", if you can call it that: our distributor gets a portion of your return - but it's a low, low 80%, while you walk away with a whopping 20%! And best of all, it's TAX FREE! WOW! Sound hard to believe? Just read what LP of NY City said:

"I was looking for an investment that would help others and honor Jesus. Well, lo and behold, I found it! Investing in SudAmerica Flour was one of the smartest things I've ever done! The product moves quickly and although I've never met the distributor, I'm told he's handsome, kind, and loves Jesus. Wow! Thank you, SudAmerica Flour."

WOW! Get in touch with me right away for your chance to get in on the ground floor of this amazing, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Basilissa 06-12-2019 01:35 AM

Re: Invest in South American Flour
My beloved Brother, I asked Enrique about this, and he has two questions for you: which one of his competitors you work for and have you already made your funeral expenses?

I have no idea why he's asking this second question, but isn't it thoughtful of him, to worry about random stuff like that? :wub:

Dennis Lukes 06-12-2019 04:02 AM

Re: Invest in South American Flour
Brother, I don't know how to tell you this, but I'm not sure you really realize what you're getting into. You may have been fooled by unscrupulous foreign persons regarding the nature of your product. I don't want to make you second-guess yourself again but... The floral industry is a known hotbed of environmentalism and homosexuality. Oh, and the word is spelled "flower."

BrotherLarry 06-12-2019 03:43 PM

Re: Invest in South American Flour
First, Sister Lissa:wub:, I am promoting your wonderful and kind fianceís business. I would do almost anything to ensure his success.

Brother Dennis, Your concern touches me deeply and I am so grateful. However, I am aware of what I am doing and I appreciate your efforts to help.

Jesus said to come unto Him and He will give us rest. All this stress has me tired and I long for His loving Arms to embrace me and give me peace.

BibleReader2231 06-13-2019 11:29 AM

Re: Invest in South American Flour
I can attest first hand that itís yucky to me. I once found a neatly wrapped up sack a couple years ago my Pa had. He said ďdonít worry, itís just flour from ColombiaĒ

I was confused why he said not to worry. Why worry over flour? Well, I decided to use some to make a fresh homemade pie crust. Made it into a strawberry pie mind you! Well, Pa ate it and said it tasted funny. I said maybe itís because I added in his South American flour. Next thing you know, heís having a fit and stormed out of the house screaming. He came back about 20-30 minutes later and fell asleep. It mustíve made him terribly ill!

Scoutman03 06-13-2019 02:30 PM

Re: Invest in South American Flour
I smell a scam..

Dana723 06-13-2019 10:51 PM

Re: Invest in South American Flour

Originally Posted by Scoutman03 (Post 1253338)
I smell a scam..

Brother Larry is a :true-fancy: and is way too smart to fall for or to perpetrate a scam!

BibleReader2231 06-14-2019 12:43 AM

Re: Invest in South American Flour
Brother Larry is one of the most intelligent and heavenly men I’ve had the pleasure of speaking to. To accuse him of falling for or pushing a scam is ridiculous. He’s recently opened several businesses which shows his intuitive knowledge of how to push the dollar. Also,he’s an equine gnathologist. That profession warrants enough money which also helps further prove that Brother Larry doesn’t need to scam others. Scoutman, is it the fact that you HAVE horse teeth because God curses you for being an atheist? Is this why you resent Brother Larry so much? Sorry sir....I got a little upset when you insulted one of my role models.

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