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Romeo Rovagnati 08-17-2021 12:56 PM

Genshin Impact: Chinese Communist recruitment tool
Buon pomeriggio Battisti di Landover.
I know that i should be busy doing my stuff during this period, but i've recently made a shocking discover: The Chinese Communist Party has apparently authorized (under treaths, of course) a chinese company to produce a video game called Genshin Impact (i know that the name itself sounds satanic already :fear2:).

Here you can see an artwork of the criminal propaganda. Don't let the artstyle decieve you: the chinamen decided to plagiariaze the japanese one in order to lure Heaten weebs into playing this Communist Propaganda that also plagiarizes Sintendo's Legend of Zelda (yes, that same game with a transvestite elf).

According to the sources that i got, the game is full of both Communist themes and Chinese Heathen culture. What's also worse, is that this game contains something called "microtransations", which forces your child to buy more content for this game in order to get more brainwash instead of listening the Church clergy. :angry:

And, if that is not enough, this game will also turn your child into a godless porn addict, since it contains both harlots girls that are also dykes and sodomites men. It even contains transvestite pedophilia in the form of a character named Ventus. :shok:

Unfortunately the only place in the West where this abomination has been banned is in the Godless Belgium, but we know that God works in a mysterious way. We need to do all of our efforts in order to stop the Chinese propaganda machine and the best answer is prayer with a rosary. :rebuke:

Thanks for your attention and remember to stay away from anything Chinese.

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