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Dennis Lukes 01-20-2019 06:58 PM

This Day in History: January 20th
250 - Pope Fabian gets whats coming to him and dies in prison after being locked up by the heathen Roman Emperor Decius. God hates all the popes for being false prophets (Matthew 7:15, Matthew 24:24), wearing dresses (Deuteronomy 22:5, 1 Corinthians 6:9), committing sodomy (Leviticus 18:22, Leviticus 20:13), and a whole host of other sins. The death of each pope is a day of rejoicing for Satan in Hell.

1936 - George V, King of the United Kingdom and head of the heathen Anglican Church, dies and goes to Hell. He is replaced by his Nazi son, Edward VIII.
1937 - United States Presidential inaguarations are switched from March 4 to January 20. Jesus snorts with rage (Leviticus 21:17-23) as the crippled socialist retard Franklin Roosevelt begins his second term.

1941 - Franklin "Disabled" Roosevelt begins a third term.:cripple:

1942 - The Nazis discuss the Final Solution to the Jewish Question at the Wannsee Conference. Their conclusions are Biblically justified (Matthew 27:25) because the Jews killed Christ.

1945 - Franklin Roosevelt wheels into his fourth and thankfully final term as President. He will not survive the year. God is great!

1949 - The Democrats steal the White House YET AGAIN as Harry Truman takes over.
1953 - Praise Jesus! A Republican is back in the White House after 20 years of Democrat rule. Badass General Dwight Eisenhower is sworn in as President. I like Ike!

1957 - Four more years! Eisenhower sworn in for a second term.
1961 - Disaster strikes the United States. Pope John XXIII is sworn in as President of the United States (through his Papist puppet proxy John F. Kennedy).

1965 - Lyndon Johnson is sworn in as President after finishing out the rest of the Vatican's term. He is a Democrat and a nigra-lover, but he will go on to kill over a million gooks in Vietnam, so there are positives.

1969 - Liberal RINO Richard Nixon sworn in as POTUS.

1973 - Nixon's second term begins amid scandal and fake news.

1977 - Georgia peanut farmer and liberal false Baptist failure Jimmy Carter sworn in as President.
1981 - Shout glory! Christian Republican Ronald Reagan is sworn in as President and immediately begins making America great again as Iran releases its 52 American hostages out of fear of him.

1985 - Four more years! Reagan begins his second term as one of the greatest presidents in American history.

1989 - Vice President George Bush Sr. is inaguarated to continue Reagan's Godly, conservative legacy.

1993 - The Democratic crime syndicate installs Slick Willy Blythe (AKA "Bill Clinton") as President.

1997 - Clinton is given four more years with the White House interns.

2001 - Oh thank God! George W. Bush (the W stands for "Wonderful") takes the White House back for America and Jesus. Sore loser and hippie Al Gore pitches a fit.

2005 - You don't change horses midstream. GWB continues his divine mission.
2009 - :fear2: Jesus throws up in his mouth as the United States becomes just another African shithole under the tyrannical yoke of the gay Muslim Kenyan crime boss Barack Hussein Obama.

2013 - :crying: Obungler is given four more years to destroy America and impose sharia law and socialism.
2017 - PRAISE JESUS!!!! :yahoo::dancing-jesus::yahoo: The Donald takes office!!!!!!!

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