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Ezekiel Bathfire 09-03-2018 05:00 PM

The Gravity of God's Law
The following is a thesis for a doctorate in Biblical Science from Landover Christian University.

I don't usually accept theses in verse but this is particularly revealing and innovative:

Sir Isaac Newton tells us why
An apple falls down from the sky;
And from this fact it's very plain
All other objects do the same.

A brick, a bolt, a bar, a cup,
Invariably fall down not up.

And every scientist, every fool
Is deceived by the self-same rule.

But Jesus in the Bible says
Nothing of gravity or its ways!
Walls fall in Jericho, angels fly
Jesus ascends and goes on high

From these holy facts it is sure
That falling down is God’s Plan and Law:
Sinners go down, the Christian rises
(This happens to all weights and sizes.)

The answer, known by those of the calling,
It is rooted in “Intelligent Falling”.
A Law of God that is robust,
Which, like Him,is kind and just.

Your fate, planned before your birth,
Is acted out right here on earth.
Drop off a cliff,and it was planned
Survive the fall -it was God’s hand.

Should God will it, so mote it be,
The rock rises up and falls on thee:
A crushing blow and you are splattered -
What a surprise! You thought you mattered!

So heed not the words of so-called science
On those "of this world" place no reliance!
Trust your Pastor,for ‘tis he
Who shepherds you to eternity.

Attend all the services, pay great heed,
Give generous alms to those in need.
Above all rememberwhat the Bible says
Follow God and all His ways.


Dana723 09-03-2018 10:49 PM

Re: The Gravity of God's Law
I can imagine it being set to music and used as a hymn! :glory:

Dr. Anthony J. Toole 09-08-2018 06:16 AM

Re: The Gravity of God's Law

Originally Posted by Dana723 (Post 1237772)
I can imagine it being set to music and used as a hymn! :glory:

Likewise, I skip poems - other than that this seems a solid thesis and based on your recommendation: PASS.

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