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Esther B. 07-20-2018 04:42 PM

Preparing to go to Your Menstra Hut
Hello, Ladies! I know that such a thread is most likely unnecessary, as the majority of the women here are either constantly pregnant or are quite familiar with the preparation that goes on before we head to our menstra huts. However, I thought I'd make a guide in case there are any women who have never had to use a menstra hut before. As you all know, that time of the month is meant to punish us women for the sins of Eve (Genesis 3:16), but it also causes inconveniences for the men, especially when there's only one female in the house (for example, when a couple is newly married, or when the only female in the household is a mother or a daughter). Here are some of my tips for preparing to go to your menstra hut.

-Don't complain or act upset, as your husband doesn't need to hear your complaints and you don't want to sound like a horrible person for wanting to make your house and your family unclean (Leviticus 15:19-24).
-Make sure the house is clean when you leave it. Even if you're away for 7 days, the men in your house don't want to have things messy.
-If possible, find a female friend to clean the house while you're away. If your husband, father, or brother(s) is willing to let someone else cook for them, have that friend prepare meals too
-If the males in your house will not accept another woman's cooking (or cleaning), make sure that the house is spotless when you leave and the house is full of fresh food.
-Do the menís laundry a day or two before you go to your hut so they have clean clothes and iron anything that needs to be ironed.
-Make sure that everything is easy to find. Men hate having to look for things.
-Make sure that the refrigerator is filled with meat and food that the men can cook on the grill or otherwise prepare on their own (this includes any food that the males in your house refuse to let you prepare).
-Make a salad or mashed potatoes (preferably mashed potatoes) so the men can have hearty meals.
-Make some bread a day or two (preferably a day) before you go to your hut.
-Bake a pie and put it in the refrigerator so the man or men in your house don't have to go without pie.
-Make sure that there are cold cuts for sandwiches.
-Include instructions on how to use the microwave.
-Make sure there is a variety of food in the house so the menfolk do not have to eat the same thing every day.
-Make sure the refrigerator is stocked with beer and other drinks.

Last, but definitely not least: Make sure your man (or the men in your household) has everything he needs. He is superior, which means that his comfort is more important than yours (Ephesians 5:23-24).

Mary Etheldreda 07-23-2018 02:50 PM

Re: Preparing to go to Your Menstra Hut
This is a fine list, dear! Personally, I find it more satisfactory to avoid Satan's Waterfall by keeping my womb busy growing new Soldiers for Christ and honoring my husband. No one in town would ever accuse him of not being virile and fecund. A pregnant woman be a little clumsy around the house, but with practice she can eliminate the temptation of slowing down. Not that I'm judging anyone of course. The LORD lays out different plans for us for His Own Good Reasons.

DolliMoans 07-24-2018 12:09 PM

Re: Preparing to go to Your Menstra Hut
Once, on a road trip to Arkansas, my daughter Eunice was getting bloody down there, and we had to find an emergency menstral hut very quick on the fly. The staff didn't seem very happy. I think some of it got mixed with the pizza sauce.

BibleReader2231 08-03-2018 03:17 PM

Re: Preparing to go to Your Menstra Hut
Hi Miss Esther, Miss Mary, and Miss Dolli. I was about to go to my menstra hut today as it's close to that time of the month for me to bleed and suffer for Jesus.

Leviticus 18:19 Also thou shalt not approach unto a woman to uncover her nakedness, as long as she is put apart for her uncleanness.

Unfortunately it would seem that some corrupt democratic policemen have put a condemned sign on the entrance to it and put a lock on it. Something about falsely claiming it was an eyesore for the neighborhood. My Pa is worrying that I may start bleeding in the home. I've already prepared enough food for him for the next two weeks but need to enter a hut within two days when it will start. My Pa has offered anyone willing to let me stay in their hut 500 dollars. I have no qualms about entering a menstra hut and have actually urged other girls at my school to begin using one lest they suffer eternal damnation in hell (can you believe I was threatened with suspension for saying the truth in school?!). My worry is that I am unsure if it is considered unholy to use another woman's menstra hut. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Yours in Christ,

Maxine Levantine

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