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DolliMoans 10-11-2017 03:05 AM

Mr. Weinstein wets his weiner wherever, does not go well for him
I sure we are all still reeling in disgust from that other big wiener scandal. Now unsurprisingly, some big-shot sleezy Jew scumbag, Harvey Weinstein has been be outed as the greedy, sex-crazed he is. Can anyone be surprised? This is Cali-fornication we are talking about.

The thing that strikes me is, can the blame solely fall on him? Sure, he is Jewish and thus, lacks any control whatsoever where he puts his greedy paws, but it seems like they've ended up on the likes of Angelina Not-So-Jollie, Mira Sorryvino and other various top-name strumpets to sin up the silver-screen.

This is goes to show the Undeniable Truth, that all Democrats hide behind a mask of intellectual sophistication, but are really nothing but a bunch of sad, horny perverts. This filth indeed voted for Ms Clinton and Mr. Obama, who have no one to confront but themselves and see what their kooky political base is really made of! :wacko:

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