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Johny Joe Hold 07-03-2022 02:44 PM

No Mariachi Band in Freehold High School
I try to be upbeat and cheerful as Freehold's Mayor. Sometimes, though, I admit to having a short fuse.

That happened the other day. I was making walking on Divine Street when the mother of one of our High School students hailed me. "They have a wonderful mariachi band program over in Denison," she said. "Why can't we have one in Freehold?"

Such a ridiculous question got under my skin. After a deep breath I explained to her Dension, Iowa, is a meat packing town. It's about an hour west of Freehold. I warned Mayor Pam Soseman over there her town would be swamped with Mexicans if that plant was allowed. Now white people have to hear mariachi "music." That will not happen in Freehold.

I didn't mention the even bigger problem. White kids in Denison are learning to perform mariachi music and leaving good music behind. Dension is going to see mixed race marriages and tacos in restaurants. Nope, that is not for Freehold.

How Denison, Iowa, united around a high school mariachi band (

Unfalsifiable 07-03-2022 03:39 PM

Re: No Mariachi Band in Freehold High School
I'm no fan of Spanish music so I am glad that it won't be coming to Freehold. It's also not Biblical music, they don't praise the Lord (In any language I can understand).

However, I'm not criticising their work with the Timbrel:

Psalm 150:4 Praise him with the timbrel and dance: praise him with stringed instruments and organs.

Dennis Lukes 07-03-2022 04:27 PM

Re: No Mariachi Band in Freehold High School
There's nothing wrong with Mexis wanting to come and work in meatpacking plants because white people don't want to do that work anyway and they'll work for pennies on the dollars. Generally the beaners come to the Midwest seasonally, and when they're here they sleep eight to a dingy motel room and keep to themselves. This is ok, it's good for the conservative white men who own the slaughterhouses and fields. But they come and go like geese, they don't come to LIVE here, in our white towns and white communities, and they certainly don't send their brown children to our white schools. What's happening in Denison is an abomination. Jews will not replace us!

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