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Dr. Anthony J. Toole 05-22-2022 12:00 PM

10 Reasons why GOD favors Hungary

Most of us know Hungary only as the punchline of jokes about mass starvation, or food puns involving its neighbor Turkey, or perhaps their superior penis size (hung arians). The fact is nowadays Hungry is not a joke, it is host of the CPAC 2022 conference for American conservatives. The keynote speaker is hungry President Orban who has devised a 12-step easy recipe to bring great hungerian principles to America. I implore you, like our heros of CPAC, to deeply inhale a delicious feast of points.

The first point is that we must play by our own rules. We must not be discouraged by being shouted at, by being labeled unfit, or by being treated as troublemakers abroad. In fact, it is suspicious if none of this happens.

The second point of his tasty recipe is we must implement national conservatism in domestic policy.

The third point is keeping national interest at the center of foreign policy. Hungary First, America Second First.

The fourth point is that we must have the media because we can only show the insanity of the progressive Left if we have the media to help us.

Skipping a few... 12 is rather a lot actually.

The eighth point is that we must read every day. I know it sounds strange, I'm not a scientist, but the fact is that books are the best way to understand and communicate complex things.

And so... in conclusion the final point, building political institutions is conducive to success. We need new ideas, new thoughts, new people again and again, and when they run out, we run out of ammunition.

We just need a slogan... when you're fed up with the Democrats, get Hungary. No, when they're full of it, time to get hungary. No bread? Time to eat cuke I'm hungary! No, hungry for America. Hunger is as Hungary does. Life is a box of Hungary. No. We just need a word that rhymes with hungary.

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