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BrotherLarry 10-03-2016 10:17 PM

Narrowing My Choices BUT...
I am becoming skeptical about the realtors in and around Freehold. I made my needs clear and filled out the financial statements they required before even trying to find a suitable home. They told me I would be restricted to a tier 3 zone until I have completed my veterinary studies. Well, ok. I can live with that. But imagine my horror when they sent me a photo of one prospective property:
Attachment 26124

What? I am a certified equine gnathologist! I am relegated to living in this squalor? After checking the zoning I discovered this was another condemned property with all sorts of special requirements. A little more palatable but still not to my liking was this one:
Attachment 26126

I was about to give up when I saw this cute little thing she said would require "special tithing" for approval:
Attachment 26125

Now that's more like it. I applied for financing. But I just have to ask: whose home is this? The realtor said it wasn't available but she wouldn't tell me the owner's name:
Attachment 26127

Please tell me. It's amazing.

And now, a gentle rebuke. She showed me a photo of the Flint Bungalow. How can you allow your pastor to live in such a run-down, tiny little place? It's an outrage. Pastor Ezekiel, I can just see you weeping about the obvious disrespect that your congregation has for you if they won't finance something better than that. This is hardly enough for servant's quarters. You can bet that I'll be fighting to build you a new estate after we purchase your airplane.


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