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Johny Joe Hold 01-16-2015 01:57 PM

An Open Letter to Iowa Governor Terry Branstad
Dear Terry,

While I was enjoying a cup of coffee at the Freehold Senior Center yesterday, a lady asked me why I did not attend your Governor's Inaugural Prayer Service. After giving her an explanation, I realized I needed to explain my absence to the citizens of Freehold. It occurred to me I could be helpful to you as well so I'm making this letter public.

First of all, to hold a prayer service in a Catholic Church is a mockery of Jesus. There are statues all around of "Mary" which True Christians™ do not worship. If you are going to have a prayer service, Governor, hold it at a real church. Landover Baptist is available whenever Pastor Zeke in not preaching there.

Second, all the prayers, remarks and ceremonies centered on public officials like you and I doing God's work and serving the citizens who elected us. In all respect, Terry, that is B. S.!

A prayer service must be about SIN. The service you held glossed over all the homers getting married in Iowa, the abortions and the blasphemy committed by sinners every day. These sins need to be condemned from the pulpit with the volume turned on high.

In closing, Governor Terry, I want to work with you during this, your last, term. But you must step up to the plate and go toe to toe with Satan like I do.

Your friend,

Johny Joe Hold
Mayor, Freehold

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