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Johny Joe Hold 07-26-2020 02:31 PM

U.S. Cities are Burning. Trump Will Save Them
Voters in large cities must fear the riots sweeping our country. They need to reelect President Trump or see the cities they love be burned to the ground.

A perfect example is Portland, Oregon. Black Live Matter protestors have been parading around that city for weeks. Instead of putting the hammer down on them, local elected officials joined in their parades.

President Trump will have none of that. He sent Federal Law Enforcement to Portland to save that city. A Federal team came right into the center of the protests, jumped out of their unmarked rented vehicle and started bringing order to the mess. So far, it is known they arrested one person. That person will no longer be burning down Portland.

And, what was the reaction of local official to the President's brave move? It was to ask for removal of Federal Law Enforcement. How will our cities be brought under control without massive arrests and jail time?

Cities will not survive without the reelection of Donald Trump.

Dr. Anthony J. Toole 07-26-2020 02:48 PM

Re: U.S. Cities are Burning. Trump Will Save Them
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Here in France, the people would welcome the Feds coming in. They'd be treated like liberators.

Alvin Moss 07-26-2020 06:23 PM

Re: U.S. Cities are Burning. Trump Will Save Them
American cruise missiles have become so accurate that some of them don't even have to explode anymore and they carry knives to slice up offenders while leaving valuable buildings intact. I believe these instruments should be used at once to rid America of the undesirable part of the population which is currently attempting to destroy Christianity and civilization. I cannot understand why President Donald Trump, even in the face of Godless Democrat resistance, has not yet massacred the hooligans filling the streets. They are gathering in large numbers and offering a very fine target. I believe that President Trump should order nightly bombardments of these gatherings until such time as the wretches disturbing the peace have been eliminated. This would certainly please God and would make the streets safe again for decent, upright Christians.

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