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Jeb Stuart Thurmond 01-12-2013 09:59 PM

Sakine Cansız shows what happens when women get into politics
Ladies, here's a lesson for you all about letting politics invade your pretty little heads.

It begins with a young lady, a perfect potential mother and homemaker named Sakine Cansiz:

A bit of red hair dye and she'd be a perfect Dorothy: "Toto, we're not in Cansiz anymore."
Unfortunately, young Sakine decided that instead of burping babies and mashing potatoes, she was going to try to gain independence for Kurdistan. That meant picking a fight with Iran, Iraq, and Turkey.

Now, we were against Saddam's gassing of the Kurds after we were for it. And, like Fox News, we support setting off car bombs in Iran:

But don't mess with Turkey - the USA actually decided to endorse holocaust denial just to support Turkey.

It's one thing to have cat fights and spread rumors behind the other clique's back, but that wasn't enough for Sakine. No, she thought she could play hardball with the big boys:


Originally Posted by wikipedia
U.S. authorities decided to concentrate their efforts on shutting down the PKK financial network in Europe and Northern Iraq. In another diplomatic cable, dated 7 December 2007, Cansız was identified as one of the two top targets in that network...

I think you've guessed what's coming next:


Originally Posted by wikipedia
...On 10 January 2013, Cansız, in her 50s, was killed along with two other Kurdish female activists...all were killed execution-style.


Thank you, CIA, for ridding the world of yet another unpronounceably-named troublemaker, and for showing ladies everywhere what happens when they mess up their pretty little heads with great big man-brain problems.

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