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Brother Larry 11-23-2013 11:09 PM

Beware, Lukewarm Christian
You gave your heart to JESUS,
Your sins were all confessed;
You then complained when sincerity
Was put to a righteous test.

Christianity isn't for sissies,
That's something you need to learn fast;
If you aren't ready for trials,
Satan will kick your

Asters planted in nice little rows,
Your butt planted in a nice pew
Halfhearted attempts to serve Him
Will send you to hell like the

Jubilant choirs and masses
Singing praises until you are numb
Lip-service to JESUS isn't pleasing,
He'll be happy to spit you out like

Come to the realization,
That service to JESUS is tough
It requires the courage to speak for Him,
Not bury your head in some

Muffled ridiculous rantings,
As the mudslimes or catlicks or joos;
Get with it, you lukewarm Christians,
You haven't a moment to lose.

<<Brother Larry>>

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