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Virginia Day Templeton 12-29-2011 06:37 PM

On Language
Why are blacks always bleating about "the N-word" when it's every other word out of their own bootlips? I know, I know, they're trying to take away its power. And it does have power—the power to ruin the career and life of any white person who dares utter it. But that's all. If I go up to a black and say "the N-word," will a magical rope drop out of the sky and entwine itself around the black's neck? No, there's only one word that has that kind of weaponized power. The word is "racist."

Racist! Racist, you RACIST! Ook ook skreeeee!

Hahaha. Has ever a word been so soundly bereft of meaning by its overuse? Although it's been said that a racist is someone who's winning an argument with a liberal, a more correct, timely definition would be anyone whom a black disagrees with, and by that token most white vertebrates are guilty. But the truth is that no white person has anything to gain from answering such a charge. Best to scoff at it and then forget it.

Speaking of meaningless expressions, try "Judeo-Christian." What the hickory heck is that? Today's Christians are the direct spiritual descendants of the Israelites of old, so if that's what you mean, just say "Christian." I will tell you one thing: real Christians have nothing in common with oven-cloggers. Those are the people who killed Jesus, for cryin' out loud! Even "Judeo-Nazi" makes more sense, since the Third Reich was in fact filled to the brim with Jews, including—believe it or not—the Fuhrer himself.

"Gay" has to be the silliest of all. It used to mean joyful, merry, excited—none of which are very apt in describing end-stage AIDS or rectal prolapse. And don't get me started on "homophobic." I may not want some lisping, wheezing sack of bones rooting around in my kid's anus when he's supposed to be teaching him the ABCs, but that doesn't mean I'm scared of the freak! Who would be? The best thing about firearms is that they can be used to kill fags with no risk of contamination.

My favorite word, of course, is "Jesus."

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