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handmaiden 03-17-2020 12:30 AM

Warning for my dear Sisters in Christ--
Make that a warning for my dear Mature Sisters in Christ--those who have had experience of the embrace of marriage.

(Those of you who have not endured such experience are warned off from viewing this warning.)

We all know, as pure-minded Ladies of The Lord, that it is important to protect the younger members of our church community from all manner of suggestive imagery. In most cases, this would mean making certain that pictures of uncovered knees and shoulders--and anything in between--should be burned upon sight when encountered lest they fall into the wrong hands.

However, in an effort to support a thread posted by our redoubtable Sister Mary Etheldreda--who most certainly tried to warn us in a timely manner--I must note here that there is s-e-x everywhere to be found if one is foul enough to be on the lookout for it.

This Sisters, it is no longer enough to simply control access to human portraiture from getting to our young ladies and children. No, we must be vigilant against all manner of erotic imagery.

Below are examples of the sort of things that young people are viewing on the interwebs today. Please, say a prayer, ask your husbands for permission, and then say a second prayer before looking over what I am setting out here before you.

Please, please be careful and keep the Good Book nearby with fortifying verses available for your spiritual well being.

I realize that there will be those who are offended despite my many warnings. As God as my witness, I felt compelled to share these with you in order that you might develop discernment and not feelings of lust.

If you are feeling stirrings of lust, please seek immediate guidance from your nearest spiritual authority. If none are immediately available, a cold shower followed by striking one's naughty bits with a sharp-bristled brush might suffice.

May The Lord Jesus Christ be with us all.

Johny Joe Hold 04-05-2020 11:44 PM

Re: Warning for my dear Sisters in Christ--
Thank you, Sister Handmaiden. I am going to send these to the women of Landover to make them aware of all the is going on in the world outside of Freehold.

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