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Bobby-Joe 10-20-2009 07:45 PM

DOMESTIC TERRORISM: Philip, the new face of Al Quida in America
Don't expect terrorists to be brown skinned, drunken young Arabs anymore. The 2008 Coup as open the doors wide the Islamo-Fascist recruiters who can operate openly under the protection of ACORN "dignity" squads (noticed not a sign Al Quida recruiter in America has been mentioned in the press) They done there work and let us meet the face of Al Quida-America; Philip

Here is Philip carrying out a terrorist attack in Main

White as wallpaper and ugly as sin Philip might be mistake for an ordinary Christian (White Republic). But don't be fooled. Once on Jesus' side as a military vet Philip has completely gone over to the enemy. Note his classic un-American quote strait from Marx.


My wife and I didn’t raise four sons with the idea that three of them would have a certain set of rights, but our gay child would be left out.
Only a Muslim would say this.

This is how the Terrorist work now, instead hijacking planes they hijack the law to fly it into the Constitution and kill thousands by promoting the Radical Homosexual agenda. It may appears to be gentler than 911 but don't be fooled. These terrorists won't stop until we are dead.

Time to wake up America and fight back.

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