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Elmer G. White 08-03-2014 01:36 PM

Visit France! My mission - Day 4 (of 4)
In the previous episodes of "Visit France - My Mission" Elmer encountered an anal probe, witnessed cat lick anal fornication and was exposed to an anal pink journal. Elmer saw no hope in the people of France, who are thus condemned to an eternity in Hell. Still, God's Grace and Magnificent Power will soon shine upon the confused shape of Elmer as he enters the final day of his tribulations in the country of the Gayezh Gauls.

10 The Escape

The farewell - The hopelessness of the French people - The bargain pedicure

As difficult as it was to enter France, the exit was surprisingly easy. I was taken to the Airport Generalissimo De Gaulle by my former hosts and to my surprise (and, as revealed below, thanks to mighty prayers by me and other True Christians™), I passed the security check without any humiliating interludes. I parted ways with my false Baptist hosts politely although I could not help seeing the expression of dismay on their faces as I explained to them that their situation regarding salvation was hopeless and they would definitely spend their eternity in Deepest Hell. My heart was a bit heavy as I contemplated their fate, but my mind was also ablaze with the happy expectation of RAPTURE, Heavenly Bliss with Jesus, seeing my former sodomistic French hosts writhing in Hellflames. In exultation I left them and was pleasantly surprised as - despite our disputes - they offered my one final business advice. "Sale pédé" they shouted as I passed through to the Airport lobby. Of course, I did not need any bargain pedicures.

I had left France. My heart rejoiced in our LORD. I dawned to me how dangerous my mission had been. I had been in constant, mortal peril. Had I not prayed my fate could have been a sad one. Had not my Brethren© and LBC True Christian™ ladies prayed for me during my days in France, I would surely have perished or - even worse - been subjected to the sodomistic sin.

11 The mighty prayers

Saved from anal rape - Saved from AIDS - Blindness cured - Miraculously saved from a plane crash

France is filled with lurking sodomists who attack unsuspecting visitors, force homersex and anal pleasures on them and fill the rectums of their victims with the demons of eternal damnation. I had also visited many venues frequented by the homeristic cat lick swarms. The risk of being sodomized was astronomically high. Thus, I prayed Sweet Jesus to save my sorry ass from anal rape. I prayed mightily and Jesus answered. Although many suspicious-looking men crossed my path, I was spared the rape.

Matthew 6:9 - After this manner therefore pray ye: Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name.
Thank you, God, Thank, you Sweet Jesus!

During my meals, my French false hosts exposed the surrounding atmophere and air and me to the AIDS thingy, the gay contagion. The air of the restaurants was THICK with AIDS particles from the vegetarian dishes consumed by the Frenchies. The cat lick false temples and false priests with their altar boy catamites were often in my field of vision. It was a CERTAINTY that I had caught the AIDS. I also shook hands with these homer-priests. The contamination was all around me.

BUT I PRAYED that Jesus spare me of infection. And verily, I was tested after my mission by secular doctors and they can confirm my testimony: my body is clean. The AIDS contagion is miraculously gone.

Matthew 6:10 - Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven.
Thank you, Dear Jesus Christ my Lord. Thank you, GOD!!

When watching the Homercycling race "Turd of France" I was shown disgusting, vile images of sodomy and I responded by applying Matthew 5:29 to pluck out my eyes with broken glass. Before my false hosts seized me and prevented my well-motivated action, there was in my opinion quite a severe wound on my eyebrows and there was also some blood. The blood trickled also into my eyes and my vision dimmed. The paramedics forced patches on my eyes and during my trip to the hospital I was practically blind. I prayed Lord Jesus to restore my vision if He saw me fit to continue my mission on this World winning the souls of homerheathen to Him. And as the patches were taken off, I could see again and the doctors at the French hospital can prove my testimony that the wounds on my eyes were gone (Mark 10:49-52).

Matthew 6:11 - Give us this day our daily bread.

As I left France and sat in the airplane (1st class, thank you Jesus for overbooking!) and had a dégustation of some AMERICAN sparkling wine I once again thought about the sinful state of the French people. Suddenly I realized the danger. Many airplanes have vanished or chrashed recently. Although I had left France, I was still in mortal peril! I asked Dear God to save the airplane and His loyal servant Elmer G. White even if it meant saving temporarily also the lives of the sinners on the plane. Miraculously, the plane did not crash.

Matthew 6:12 - And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors.
Thank you, JESUS, Son of God, OUR LORD AND JUDGE!!!!

12 God's Wrath

More mightly prayers - God despises the French- The Punishment of GOD

As my flight home continued I realized that having prayed so much for my own safety, it was time to pay forward the GOOD GOD had provided me. I searched inside and the presence of JESUS was there. I asked Him humbly to show the French the error of their sodomistic ways. I figured that if they were to see the horrible Wrath of GOD, some of them might actually REPENT and spread the Good Word to some of their countrymen.

And God answered. A few days after my return, God's Wrath descended upon the French. A terrible traffic accident took place and many children were taken into HELL to warn the Frenchies of their evil ways!

Matthew 6:13 - And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil: For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, for ever. Amen.

God is with us every day.
Miracles DO happen when a pure, True Christian™ man free from sin prays for them!
Oh, Glorious Day, Oh Son of God!
The Terrible Mighty God!

Yours in Christ,

Elmer G. White :bye:


Johny Joe Hold 08-08-2014 12:05 AM

Re: Visit France! My mission - Day 4 (of 4)
Praise God for your safe escape, Brother White. You were brave to have spent four entire days in one of the most homeristic and sinful places on God's earth.

Your dispatches from France have been helpful to all of us who are fearful of going to such a place, but remain curious of what goes on there. And, perhaps you sewed the seeds of fear about the eternal suffering that awaits the homeristic culture there.

Elmer G. White 08-08-2014 05:08 AM

Re: Visit France! My mission - Day 4 (of 4)

Originally Posted by Johny Joe Hold (Post 1104527)
Praise God for your safe escape, Brother White. You were brave to have spent four entire days in one of the most homeristic and sinful places on God's earth.

Your dispatches from France have been helpful to all of us who are fearful of going to such a place, but remain curious of what goes on there. And, perhaps you sewed the seeds of fear about the eternal suffering that awaits the homeristic culture there.

Thank you for your kind words, Mr. Mayor! I must admit that the last full day in Francistan was cut short as my flight (Thank you, JESUS!) left before the 96 hours were full. Still, trust me, they felt like 96 years in Hell with the teeth of demons trying to snap at my immaculate tallywhacker all the time.:(

I also think that my reports work as a warning for Godly men NOT to visit France. Regarding the disgusting Frenchmen, I think it was too late. They'll end up in HELL. However, some of them might not be so surprised now when they see the eternal Furnace.:D

Jude 1:7 - Even as Sodom and Gomorrha, and the cities about them in like manner, giving themselves over to fornication, and going after strange flesh, are set forth for an example, suffering the vengeance of eternal fire.

Yours in Christ,


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