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Jim C. Lombardo 12-28-2018 12:30 PM

God gave a hard blow Job felt deeply
I've been feeling a bit frisky this season and the Lord's been using me day and night as His mouthpiece for more Christian tunes! Lately (Well, actually always) I've been turning to the Bible for bit of nightly inspiration and just spun up this little ditty about Job. I'm submitting this one for the Senior's Electric Choir to perform in full blast GLORY!

God Gave a Hard Blow Job Felt Deeply

Scribed by Jim C. Lombardo
Inspired by The Book of Job

Howdy all,
Now let's all go to the Book of Job,
In the Holy Bible, a wild tale that all should know,
'bout a pious man named Job, this old man,
held his lot, beamed of all he gained and got!
Should Job lose the life he pleased,
would Job still get on his knees?

So God saw fit to tickle Job with a little test,
He turned to Satan's council to deal with all the rest,
Job saw his servants smothered and his little children slain,
surely he would slam his fist, and claim that God's to blame?
His stricken wife cried out, "Won't you curse the coot up there!?"
Job shook her off, and swore he'd come to his Lord bare!

So Job bowed down, for his Lord, with a barren hind to see,
He submitted deep to show his faith, and prove his loyalty.
Satan came and smacked that rump, with red abnormalities!
Good Job shook it off and laughed, "Dispense your brutalities!"
The Devil took him up on that, and burrowed deep within,
And Job did scream, "Just kill me now; patience, she wears thin."

And in torment, Job's posey came, his sissy sycophants,
They crowded 'round about him, as willing participants,
Eliphaz, that flaming queen, waved a condescending hand,
and said, "Gurl, you doggone messed it, for Heavens I'll be damn',
you sure cheesed off the Big G, best now go lay off the hooch,
Better be a good boy, or He'll really screw your pooch!"

Job tensed up on all fours, to prove his demonstration,
blase he, blew off his friends, with knowing concentration,
"Gee you guys, what heck you know? I just gotta to take it!
In the path of godliness - sometimes you fake to make it!
My Lord is merely yanking me, a little tit for that,
and when He's through, I'll bid ado, to all that holds me back."

Job looked around for his God, "Oh Master where art hiding?
There's still some give left in me, I can take another riding!"
Then out from the blue, came Elihu, to take the task at hand,
And said, "My poor boy, drink my truth, and help you understand,
Our Lord comes in visions, to behold and make you think,
In those dreams so wild, Pastor Ezekiel would turn pink!"

"This blow Job that you felt," Said Elihu, "Is surely no mistake,
You are not so pure now, Job, you know what you can take,
You've swallowed Our Lord's Truth, yes, you've gobbled every drop,
Oh sweet Job, don't be abashed, it t'wasn't all for naught,
Relinquish those knots within, and give God all you got,
When his meaty Word is thrust and resting on your tongue,
can you disagree now when all's been said and done?"

The seed of Truth spread on his face, Job wiped away his eyes,
"I was blind but now I see, God's Grace is now realized!"
God beamed proud, and with a swoop, restored Job's debt to life,
Job lived with happy memories to entertain his wife!
And to that fop, Eliphaz, God's Love came not without purchase,
He put him and ilk on knees to learn the value of good service!

BibleReader2231 12-29-2018 12:41 AM

Re: God gave a hard blow Job felt deeply
:wub: :wub: :wub: Beautiful! If you’ll excuse me, I have to go pray in private in my bedroom for the rest of the night. Thank you for sharing this poem with everyone dear. My it’s getting hot in my house. Wonder if Pa cranked up the wood burner.....

Jim C. Lombardo 12-29-2018 04:00 AM

Re: God gave a hard blow Job felt deeply
I'm pleased my music has touched a precious and devout gal as yourself, Maxime. :wub::thumbsup:

BrotherLarry 12-29-2018 08:35 PM

Re: God gave a hard blow Job felt deeply
Brother Jim,

If you should ever find favor with the DOF here, we simply HAVE to combine our talents and go on the road. It wouldn't be fitting for me to mingle the gift God has given me with less than a True Christian™. Your songwriting pales in comparison to what it will be when Jesus gives you Himself in His fullness. I have to tell you, though - this is a masterpiece and will be sung in the halls of Glory.

Praise God, Brother. I love you with a great love.


Jim C. Lombardo 12-30-2018 06:37 AM

Re: God gave a hard blow Job felt deeply

Originally Posted by BrotherLarry (Post 1243391)
Brother Jim,

If you should ever find favor with the DOF here, we simply HAVE to combine our talents and go on the road.

Brother Larry, I've been striving towards that effort for years, but I'm sure it my TC status will fruit soon, don't you worry. ;) You may notice, I threw in a little shout-out to beloved Pastor Zeke, to curry favor, express my admiration for the man. I hope he sees it, I really goshdarn do. :D

With Godly Love, Jimmy


Originally Posted by Jim C. Lombardo (Post 1243346)
In those dreams so wild, Pastor Ezekiel would turn pink!"

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