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Gun Re: The Christian Homeschooling Guide to GEOGRAPHY - 11-12-2016, 01:21 AM

Originally Posted by Walter Van Slyke View Post
Everything from Maine to New York should be labeled Homers and Liberals just like California.
The most annoying thing about you people is that you generalize, I live in Cali, I know plenty of straight people and a normal amount of the LGBTQ community, so that's me poking holes in that mormonic theory, and if you're about to point out "You didn't cover New york, the magnet to all homers or whatever the hell dumbass name you've come up with. Edit:
Someone's already said what I have to say and you responded with something even dumber that what you originally said, that, summarized, every "true American" fits an EXACT role and every "god fearing" person fits a single category no matter the differences, you know, that every creature possesses.
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