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Default Re: Japanese Cartoons - Futanari Threaten Children! - 09-18-2009, 05:46 PM

Ok here we go. I was introduced to this website by a fellow Christian (whose mother is a Baptist pastor). It was extremely offensive to him and his mother, whom actually based a sermon on the racism displayed in this website. True Christians would not say such harsh remarks about other fellow HUMAN BEINGS. "Wetbacks" "slopes" "slants" and "fishheads" are entirely inappropriate. I am engaged to a Japanese-American woman. Her family is very friendly, very biblical, and very proper. This is why it upsets me to see you posting such harsh terms. You should specify your comments to the people responsible, not the country in general. I find these images just as messed up as you all do, but have the decency to keep racist terms out of "Godly" forums please.
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