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Default Re: Only Sluts Get Raped! (1st Timothy 2:9) - 07-28-2019, 07:00 PM

Originally Posted by Mahalia View Post
What? okay, I understand. People who wear slutty clothes are more likely to get raped. But what about me? I was thirteen and wearing sweats and a baggy sweatshirt. I barely even looked like a girl, let alone slut. So how was I acting slutty? I was walking home from my friends house, happy and innocent. When I was forcefully grabbed and taking to a fence and raped. How was I dressed like a slut? I don't think I was. My parents never let me even wear shorts, they thought it was slutty. And what do I do now? it's been four years. Do I marry him? A homeless man who died two years later jumping in front of a car? What do you do? Because I am not marrying ashes. I hope I'm not appearing rude but the fact that you say that only sluts get raped is confusing to me, I know a girl who was raped in her home at midnight. Someone broke in and raped her. What was she wearing? A nightgown.
(IN ADDITION TO MY ORIGINAL POST)In your case of rape, unlike most cases, it could have been a result of power over the victim or the rapist could simply have been a pedophile. God will repay him in full. Meanwhile, you continue dressing modestly. So that you will not have any blame when the rapist is being condemned for his sin. The rapist will have no right to say on the day of judgement "She dressed immodestly! She asked for it!" when you dress modestly