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Default Re: Pokemon: (aka Poke-a-man) still a threat to families - 02-09-2008, 11:14 PM

Originally Posted by Jeb Thurmond View Post
My little grandson is only 3 and a half, but is already obsessed with Pokemon, and his Mum, my daughter Deborah, {who is not saved as yet,} buys him whatever he asks for.
He has all the cards, counters, {Like toy money}, and all the little plastic figures. The last time they visited us, he had his pokemon cards, coins, and figures with him, and he was DREADFUL!!

He was rude, cheeky, wouldnt eat any lunch, tried to run away several times, bit his big sister hard on the arm and made her cry...
That has nothing to do with Pokemon. That is called bad parenting.
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