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Default how much do you tip a prayer partner? - 04-20-2010, 02:55 PM

Me and a few true christian brothers in the lord went to the gentlemans club after bible study last week. we partook communion with pretzels(his body), and wine(his blood), and began to pray. after hours of praying, the lights were now dim in the room, and very pretty girls were dancing around in provocative outfits. i tried to witness to one of the young ladies and she told me that for 40$ she would go pray with me for one song. GLORY! When we head back to the prayer room, she pushes me onto the chair and starts doing the devil dance and taking her clothes off. i tried to discipline her right there but she ran out and got a large black dude( i dont know if it was her father because he was black). we had a conversation that finished with- "if you dont tip her i will beat your ass!" tip her? i had no clue how much to tip so i left her 20 dollars.

how much do true christians tip there prayer partners?
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