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Default Re: 19 signs your kid is into Black Metal: - 05-30-2012, 11:51 PM

Originally Posted by Nobar King View Post
19 signs your kid is into Black Metal:

  1. Has more fun listening to his music backwards than forward.
  2. Now he only wears black clothes or heavy metal t-shirts.
  3. Kid won't make his bed or clean his room.
  4. Talks back to parents.
  5. Won't take out the trash.
  6. Thinks Tom Sawyer lives in the future and drives a red sports car.
  7. Won't do his homework.
  8. Only wants to eat meat and won't eat his vegetables.
  9. Constantly using a sharpie to mark an x on the top of each hand.
  10. Keeps begging you to buy him ANOTHER Metallica album.
  11. Thinks some trashy rockers like Venom or Raven are the best.
  12. Always wears a trenchcoat, even in summer.
  13. Won't tie shoes or even put shoelaces into shoes.
  14. Cutting band names like SLAYER into his arm.
  15. Claims to be an atheist despite hoarding records and posters with photos of goats, pentagrams, and even Satan!
  16. Wants his first car to be some kind of van halen even though there is no where to park it.
  17. Keeps talking about how great going to gwar would be, but doesn't want to join the army.
  18. Wants to learn how to tie a slipknot but has no interest in sailing.
  19. Thinks King Diamond is the king of Norway.
1. I don't listen to music backwards. That's stupid.
2. I've been wearing band t-shirts since 8th grade, when I really got involved in music. Black is not all I wear.
3. My bed is made & my room is cleaned regularly & not by my parents!
4. I don't talk back to my parents. I respect them because that's how I was raised.
5. I take out the trash daily.
6. I don't think about Tom Sawyer. This sign is dumb.
7. I have straight A's. I'm still in high school & I take two college classes. It's called dual enrollment. It's actually proven that people who listen to metal are more intelligent than those who listen to pop or rap because of the complexity of the words used. There is no slang in metal.
8. I eat everything.
9. I don't write on myself.
10. I buy my albums with my own money. I have a job.
11. Randy Blythe from Lamb of God, a metal band, is actually my favorite "rocker". Appearance-wise, he fits the typical stereotypes society labels him & others like him as, but there's more on the inside. Don't judge, RIGHT?
12. My clothing compliments the weather. (ex. summer - shorts, fall - pants & a light jacket, etc.)
13. I only wear Converse for work. Otherwise, I wear sandals.
14. I don't cut. I never have.
15. I'm non-religious, not atheist. There is a difference between the two.
16. I want my first car to be a Jeep.
17. I have family members enlisted in the Army. I have no desire to join due to personal circumstances.
18. I have no interest in sailing nor learning how to do certain knots.
19. King Diamond is not factually the king of Norway. (Common sense?)

Like I said, I'm into black metal, yet I don't really show the signs. People don't always show the signs as to what their interests are. That's why it's important to get to know individuals for what's on the inside rather than immediately judging.
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