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Default Re: Hi again, gang. It is my birthday. Ask me anything. - 12-26-2013, 07:55 PM

Originally Posted by Jesus View Post
I will never forget that day 2013 years ago when I was born from a virgin.

Wait... you remember your own birth? Yeah, that's pretty usual (?)

Anyway, I think I have a few questions for you, take your time, don't worry...

1.- Why women are portrayed like objects in the Bible? After all, Eve was just one women, I don't think all the gender must pay for one single person mistake

2.- Why beatings and spankings are, according to the bible, the best way to educate a child? I think parents can solve problems with words, not violence

3.- Why Christians must hate their own parents, brothers and sisters? I don't think God should divide their children if they already love him

4.- Is USA racism truly supported by the bible? Because for what I can see here, the country is very mean with mexicans, canadians, japanese, chinese and another people from another lands and languages

5.- Why God murder the people he created by himself? God is supposed to know everything about everybody, he should know when he creates somebody who's gonna be evil in the future

6.- Why you think only homosexual people has AIDS? Straight people can have it too, besides, is not a dicease you can catch like a cold or somethings like that, you must have sexual contact with a sick person or any kind of another contact to get the dicease too

Those are my doubts, I hope you can help me....
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