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Default Re: How My Little Pony destroyed my daughter's marriage. - 12-31-2016, 12:33 AM

Originally Posted by Mary Etheldreda View Post
You have to appreciate the power of smooth talking that charlatan had. Can you imagine the conversations?

Joe: Hey Henry, I know this is gonna sound, well... a bit funny. But you see, last night the Holy Ghost came to me in a vision and told me I ought to marry your Zina.

Henry: Um, Joe, you know I love you like a brother, man, but she's my wife.

Joe: Yeah, yeah [scratches head]. It's just that, well... um... it's what Heavenly Father wants, and who am I to say no?

Henry: Seriously? Joe, we've been friends a long time, man. She's my wife.

Joe: I know, Henry. But think about how now that your bed'll be empty, young Abigail who lives down the road could warm it for you, right? I mean, you and Zina have had some squabbles terrible lately. I'll take good care of her and you can raise up Abigail to be the sweet little thing you like a woman to be. You can teach her just what to do in bed if'n you know what I mean! Think about it, man! A sweet young ass like that? All yours? You can train her up just the way you like, and you won't have to listen to Zina's long, boring stories any more? C'mon! Heavenly Father will reward you in Heaven. I promise.

Henry: Okay, okay. You'll talk to Abigail's father?

Joe: Sure! Sure I will! No problem! It'll be worked out by week's end!

Henry: Well, if Heavenly Father wants it...

Joe: He does!

Henry: Well, okay.

Joe: Great! Hey, when you send Zizi over, have her wear that saucy little number that makes her ass look like it's got its own wagon train under that bustle. Yeah! That'll do. Mmm-MMM! Okay, see you later!
Henry: 0.o
Is this really what people think of mormons? This actually not only disgusts me but terrifies me. Sex is something sacred in the church. Something only done if we want to have a baby. It's not a pleasure, it's not a hobby, it is a means of reproduction. That is it. We don't do anything lustful, nothing pornographic, and nothing adulterated.
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