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Angry Re: HELP ME BAN THE SPECIAL OLYMPICS ! - 09-22-2008, 09:12 PM

you are alll piffleED in the head... alll of you.
Religion is the most vile, disgusting thing and they are all the same. This is a religion too, whether you'd like to admit it or not. Religion is the root of most wars but what i can't understand is why they even start. All of you, whether it's Christianity or Mormonism, believe in the exact same damn thing... God. All these different religions may have different names for Him but really its the exact same thing you believe in.. "the Creator."

And banning the special olympics because these individuals have disorders? Thats really piffleed up since God created all of man kind and he made them to live on earth just like you and me. And don't you asshole's all preach that as long as you have faith in God he will give you his love in return? I am pretty sure that even if these kids in the special olympics have trisomy 21 or whatever it may be they still have faith in the Lord, so dont they deserve His love?

I'm not gonna say you all deserve to be shot cause that wouldn't be God's "way" but you are all a bunch of piffleed assholes who think you know the way of God. But for Christ sakes, have annnnyy of you spoke to God Himself and asked him what is "way" is? I don't think so, so you can all go piffle yourselves and when you have talked to Him personally and he has told you to kill all the handicaps and homosexuals of the world, let me know.

Until then, Shut the piffle Up!!
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