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Default Re: DO NOT LET YOUR KIDS PLAY TEAM FORTRESS 2!!! - 06-12-2021, 12:22 AM

Originally Posted by BaseballMom67 View Post
hi all

first i must say thank you all for this board so i can keep my son away from nasty stuff the devil puts on this earth

as grateful as i am i am here to tell you all to ban team fortress 2 (abbreviated as TF2) for the following reasons

i discovered about it this weekend when my 15 year old son charlie brought home his friend and they were playing on his friend's laptop a game where it's nothing but killing, bad words, god bashing, anti-american propaganda, and worst of all HOMOSEXUALITY

first off this is their artwork they use to advertise to the MASSES

as you can see, they all are posed to look threatening (i guess that's what boys like these days)

there is also blantent homosexuality (when the doctor heals his patients they all say things like "i love this doctor" or "get behind me doctor!")

they made a character that looks like a soldier and he talks about god's world being his ("this is my world, you are not welcome in my world!") when i heard this i was MORBIDLY SHOCKED and appalled and ashamed of my son and he knew it

i was wondering why my son was getting into fights and after i saw this i banned him from ever seeing his friends

if you see your child playing this, tell them to uninstall it and watch him do it!!!

hope this helps parents out so your child doesn't stray far from god!

You are not a dumbass. TF2 is promoting homosexuality it against the bible. The "I love this doctor!" quote was meaning that the Heavy Weapons Guy, the person who said that, he was meaning that he liked how good of a job the medic did to let him go back into rectal sex. And the reason why i say homosexuality is against the bible is that the bible literally says "Man shall not sleep with boy." That is meaning that a man (adult) shall not fall in love with boy (child.) That is pedophilia. So as you can clearly see, TF2 promotes man/boy sex. I have only experienced a few times, usually when playing with my TF2

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