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Default Re: Eight of the Top Ten Gayest Sports Teams Are Soccer Teams - 09-18-2009, 04:46 AM

First post; be gentle

I am a football ('soccer' to all the effeminate Americans) fan from Manchester, England. Football is not 'gay'.

and this. The video tells a miniature story. Haaland accuses Roy Keane of diving and feigning injury. Turns out he was injured, his leg just gave way. A couple of years later he met the c*nt in another match...

And by the way, your use of the word 'gay' is bigoted, offensive, possibly a product of poor education and totally uncalled for. Statistically there are some gay footballers, just as there are some gay 'NFL American footballers' and baseball players. Gay people exist, get the f*ck over it.
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