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Default Re: Women are property of men, just like donkeys! - 03-11-2013, 01:33 AM

you sir are a stupid man or the crazyest i have ever seen. you twist the words of god to your points.i would never wish another person to hell and you are not an exception. but i must remind you that not everything you say can be right. you are are just a human and humans make mistakes so easily. so now i want you to think about the things you wright and i want you to think of what god stands for and see if they match perfectly. they dont. but what i realy want you to know is i will grow up to be a powerful successful women. and i will not have any man telling me what to do. i am equal to and just as great as any man can be. so to night i will pray and i will pray for you to become a smarter person. and with my last message "#### YOU"
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