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Default Re: Duck Dynasty: The ONLY Godly Show on TV - 03-31-2013, 05:06 AM

I have to say that I'm enjoying it.

So far my favorite episodes are when Phil (the patriarch) goes into his grandsons class and shows them how to clean a duck. Oh how the boys laughed at the children getting squeamish about it.

And the episode where Kay wants to run a restaurant. Phil keeps telling her she's being foolish, she keeps whining. So instead of smacking her (you know they wouldn't allow that on TV) he talks a friend into letting her run the restaurant for one day. Of course she makes such a mess of it that she learns her lesson and returns to her kitchen a humbled woman.

As Seth said, the son's wives are uppity. And there's a fair amount of hostility between them and their yuppie unsaved trash neighbors, but it's probably the best show since 18 kids and counting went off the air.

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