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Default Re: The Christian Science theory of Punctuated Smiting - 04-24-2008, 02:20 AM

Originally Posted by Sister Noddy View Post
GOD can change His mind anytime He wants! Didn't you even know that, dingdong?
He can only if He already knew he was going to change my mind. Let's do some role playing:

I'm going to be God for a little bit (I'm probably going to get a refraction for doing this):
- I feel like making a new species today, but I already know that because I know the future.

- I have created this species and I know it will ultimately will sin. (Because I designed the species that way)

- Ahh. The species has finally sinned, I can now remove it and replace it with a better species, one I know will be good.

- That was fun and predictable because I am omniscent.

- What is left for me to do now but create more sinful species that I already know I am going to create. Well let me think about it, oh wait I don't have to because I know everything.

You are either telling me that God is not omniscent or He is not intellignet, because an intelligent God would just make the good species. He can't be both.

I would like you to meet my imaginary friend, God.

" Christians we deal with the truth, just because something is written down in a book doesn't mean it happened." - Bobby-Joe
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