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Default Re: PORTAL 2: Promoting ANAL SEX and stealing credit cards!!! - 04-17-2011, 05:24 AM

Originally Posted by Billy Bob Jenkins View Post
Young friend, some of us are passionate about spreading the word to evil doers, such as those who have evil sex. That means there are many, many people that we have to reach. Anal sex is had by most of the population nowadays, so there are references to it everywhere in the media, in commercials, in billboards, subliminal messages really. Sometimes, such as in the case of "Portal #2", the references are more explicit. I mean seriously, what else could "Portal #2" mean?
That makes sense I suppose. When I heard Portal 2, I thought of the first Portal game, in which I thought of Sci-Fi puzzle games. I'm not a fan of Sci-Fi movies or games, and so it's not my interest at all. Do they make any sexual references towards anal sex in the game itself or is this just a coincidence of title and slang?
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