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Default Re: My daughter, and chastity belts. - 03-01-2014, 12:39 PM

I know this thread is old, but I am VERY disappointed in all of you. The Bible never states to force your children to obey you by placing Chacity belts on them and never giving them a moments rest. The bible does say to rase your children in the ways of God, but in no way are you ever to force your beliefs on them. Although you may find this hard to believe, you have to let them grow and make there own decisions. You are there to help and give uplifting words, not to abuse and make them do what you think is best. A Chasity belt is not an option, it is child abuse, and was never once used in the Bilble as a means to stop unwanted relations. And should never be used. By forcing your children to ware these monstrosities you are hurting them more then helping them. You will push them further and further away. SHAME on all of you for thinking this is the right way to act.

My father is a pastor and I was raised up well in the faith with my four brothers and one sister, we all had the freedom to do what we wanted to do, and we chose well, because our father raised us well. When we reached the age of 15 we got to go out and chose our own church and our own fellowship. I now have a man whom I have been daiting for 3 long years, and we love each other, and have decided that the church we where attending was not right in a number of the things they beleved where true, but if we ever walked into a church that beleved some of the stuff that has been shared here on this thread we would leave no questions asked. Our children will be raised right.

Also, it is wrong for you to be judging and daming other people to hell, that is not your place. A person is not dammed to hell if they have a slip up in fath, or even if there slip up goes for years. All can and will be forgivin, because our God is a forgiving God, and not a damming one.
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