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Default Re: How My Little Pony destroyed my daughter's marriage. - 12-21-2016, 12:19 AM

Originally Posted by DoveOfPeace View Post
I had a friend who told me he likes MLP (my little pony) and i put him out of my life even if we had been friends sense we where kids. and now he is CLOPING to MLP porn (i hear its real but i dare not look it up for the risk of being sent to burn in Hell) and cloping is the BRONY term for masterbating i try to talk him out of such nonsense but he won't. five days later he mailed me a pic of a white unicorn with wings but it had a human body with its pardon me (boobs) with in site. i took the pic and shredded it then took the shredder with the pic in it out side and burned the whole thing outside and camped out in the woods and prayed for ten whole days with no computers or any temptations of any kind for satin to temp me to be a BRONY . after the ten days i mailed a bible and a letter that reads

you are not my friend any more and take you and your MLP porn to that BRONY CON you talk about. and leave this place hopefully you can find god with this. i highlighted the versus that say you will not have sex with a animal and all that.
Also abandoning your friend is a dick move, My Little Pony teaches you to accept your friends as they are and that love will always conquer over hate. If God hates everything then why would he make everything?
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