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Originally Posted by GOD=life View Post
Originally Posted by propos View Post
English is not my native language and I did not realise what I had said untill you pointed it out.
You made a very explicit sexual statement on a Christian forum..... maybe you are the one who should learn some stuff? Pastor Ezekiel posted a youtube video. Where's your video?

Why would they be hitting on you? You are "obviously" heterosexual, right? Why would they confuse you for a gay?

So to reverse it. Let's say a lesbian woman would post "well, I tolerate propos, but only if he doesn't flirt with me". What would your reaction be?

Wouldn't you feel offended that the lesbian automatically assumed a scenario in which you'd hit on her?

Wouldn't you feel offended that the lesbian "tolerates" you? As though you need her permission to be heterosexual?
I disagree with the notion that one can be obviously homosexual/heterosexual. It's not possible to just tell.

oops... debating again.
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