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Default Re: 10 Reasons why GOD HATES SOCCER! - 02-16-2018, 07:23 AM

Originally Posted by handmaiden View Post
Thank you, sweet Felicity, for defending my honor.

While I am here, I would like to point out some other problems with JustRichard's post.

This person accuses me of being sexist. I have heard black people insist that while black people can be prejudiced, they cannot-- by definition-- be racist. So, I'm going to assume that a woman cannot--by definition-- be sexist.

This person didn't just assume my gender based on my God-granted point of view that girls are not on an equal level with boys, this person failed to note that my name is Handmaiden.
Ah become a feminist and cry about every single man being a sexist already. I simply didn't look at the name but I looked at the stupidity of your reply. And my point stands. If you 'assume' that soccer is gay, then breathing is also gay by your standards. That means you're a sexist. And who would've thought? Women CAN be sexist! By blaming men for everything they've done while it's not true. By assuming they're gay while it's not true. That IS being a sexist. The whole world says so, even christian but apparently not here.

And @Cranky Old Man,

Am I a liar? I simply stated facts. You take tiny examples and make a huge reason out of it. Basically you turned a fly into an elephant. But if you claim that those are reasons God hates soccer, then why don't you also point out that God hates the internet? Because you're using it! The whole world can see your linear way of thinking, running straight into a wall. The bible is NOT about hate. It's about believing in God. If you hate soccer, STOP SPREADING YOUR HATE AND MOVE ON!


It was a sarcastic statement to picture the standards of Handmaiden. At least you get my point.
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