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Default Re: Pokemon: (aka Poke-a-man) still a threat to families - 01-06-2008, 05:18 AM

Hello, my name is ____(sorry, I'm not that stupid to actually give out my name, even though it wouldn't matter too much, since there is more than one person with my name). I just finished reading your post, and I have many things to say about it. Though, it's hard to think about where to begin, so I shall just list the things in the order that you posted them in.

The recent revelations about Super Mario Galaxy, Halo, and other popular Japanese games are so shocking that they may make the older generation of Japanese occultist propaganda seem innocent by comparism. ONLY by comparism! Pokemon and others of it's generation are every bit as diabolical today as a decade ago! Here is a refresher course, in case you have forgotten:
Alright, I shall interrogate this one first. Even though this little bit is irrelevant to the topic, I thought it was needed. There is not much to say about it except for these two things: get your facts straighten because Halo is not a Japanese game(it was made in the USA) and you need to pay attention to your grammar.

Quote: My little grandson is only 3 and a half, but is already obsessed with Pokemon, and his Mum, my daughter Deborah, {who is not saved as yet,} buys him whatever he asks for.

He has all the cards, counters, {Like toy money}, and all the little plastic figures. The last time they visited us, he had his pokemon cards, coins, and figures with him, and he was DREADFUL!!

He was rude, cheeky, wouldn't eat any lunch, tried to run away several times, bit his big sister hard on the arm and made her cry...
Man, what a concept; a three year old acting rude, cheeky, and ignorant. Though, sir, I hate to break it to you, but the majority of kids at that age act like that. They're usually snobs, annoying, loud-mouths who don't know when to be quiet, arrogant, obnoxious, and the such. Just because he's like that doesn't mean that it's the fault of Pokemon. The kid is three years old; he doesn't know the difference between right or wrong now. And in a few years, he will probably stop following this fad.
And secondly, about your daughter. Do you honestly believe that stopping her from buying her son those items will "save her"?


The Pokemon mania supports a financial conglomerate that knows how to feed the frenzy. The television series is free, but it drives the multi-billion dollar business. It also inspires the obsessive new games that disrupt schools and families by giving the children --
  • a seductive vision: to become Pokemon masters
  • a tempting promise: supernatural power
  • a new objective: keep collecting Pokemon
  • an urgent command: "gotta catch them all"
...The last line, the Pokemon mantra, fuels the craving for more occult cards, games, toys, gadgets, and comic books. There's no end to the supply, for where the Pokemon world ends, there beckons an ever-growing empire of new, more thrilling, occult, and violent products. Each can transport the child into a fantasy world that eventually seems far more normal and exciting than the real world. Here, evil looks good and good is dismissed as boring. Family, relationships, and responsibilities diminish in the wake of the social and media pressures to master the powers unleashed by the massive global entertainment industry.

No wonder children caught up in the Pokemon craze beg for more games and gadgets. The Japanese makers count on it...
Well that's a no brainer. Of course the makers try to do that; all makers try to get their fans to buy more so that they can gain more money. And I love your usage of the word mantra. You exaggerate so much of the show, and this is one of them. Also, just to let you know, majority of the games produced try to absorb the consumer into it, so that they will enjoy the game and want more; it doesn't take Pokemon, cause it could be another game like Halo, Tales of Symphonia, or even the simpler and earlier games, such as Donkey Kong or Tetris. And what is with you and continually suggesting that this game series will create more occult items? Like other companies, they do these things for the money; I doubt they're trying to create a new cult or anything of the sort.

Oh man, I think I'm only going to hit the bit ones here.

2. Share your observations. Spark awareness in a young child with comments such as, "That monster looks mean!" or "That creature reminds me of a dragon," along with "Did you know that in the Bible, serpents and dragons always represent Satan and evil?"
Alright, seriously. Serpents and dragons always representing Satan and evil? Sir, these are little kids! They don't care!

3. To teach young children a Biblical attitude toward evil before they learn to delight in gross, ugly characters, make comments such as, "Who would want to play with that evil monster? I don't even like to look at him. Let's find something that makes us feel happy inside."
And, once again, I doubt that kids actually care about its looks. Looks don't exactly mean that something is good or bad; ever heard of the phrases "Looks can be deceiving" and "Don't judge a book by a cover"?

4. Model wise decision-making. Tell your child why you wouldn't want to buy certain things for yourself.

When your child wants a questionable game or toy, ask questions that are prayerfully adapted to your child's age, such as:

1. What does this game teach you (about power, about magic, about God, about yourself)? Discuss both obvious and subtle messages.

2. Does it have anything to do with supernatural power? If so, what is the source of that power? Does it oppose or agree with God's Word?

3. What does it teach about violence or immorality and their consequences?

4. Does the game or toy have symbols or characteristics that link it to New Age or occult powers?

5. Does it build godly character?
Look, these are nothing more than kid's games. Let's face it, there maybe some games that you should restrict kids from(Grand Theft Auto being a good example), but, from Pokemon, is there really any need to put religious questions in?

I pointed out earlier that Pok_mon originated in Japan....

So, what's the problem with Pok_mon? Its subtle suggestions, images and values are manipulating the minds and feelings of the children who are into it. Pok_mon conditions them to accept humanistic wisdom and occult spirituality...
Can I just ask where you got this load of nonsense from?

Pokemon is a copyright of Nintendo Japan. It was first created in Japan and is highly influenced by Japanese mysticism....685 people went into epiliptic seizures while watching the Pokemon cartoon...
Please excuse my language, but 685 people went into epiliptic seizures while watching the Pokemon cartoon? Well no shit. A lot of people tend to do that when they see about a thousand different colors flash before their eyes in the matter of seconds.

Review: Pokemon, the movie

  • portrayal of tears having the power to resurrect
  • misguided and often absent concern for the "death" of a "living, thinking being" (a pokemon)
  • "Circumstances of one's birth are irrelevant:"
Ok, this is a kid's movie; it's no surprise they do impossible things like "resurrection by tears". That, and, for the third point, that is sort of the whole issue of the movie, is it not? The movie is how it came out to be because the main antagonist was angered because of how he was created.

  • sensual drawing of a female character, the intent of the viewing angle was clear
The intent of viewing angle? Seriously, I wonder where you come up with these things.

Now, onto other topics that were either not described in this post, but rather in the link you gave at the beginning of your post, or other topics that I wish to talk about.

Pok_mon has supernatural powers. "Some Pok_mon grow, or evolve." This is facilitated by the "Energy cards" that "make your Pok_mon bigger and more powerful." And what is the source of this power? It is the pantheistic power of the occult, not the supernatural power of God. I have found two cards that make this very clear (there are likely more). They are Abra and Kadabra. Yes, these are their actual names. "Abrakadabra" (or abracadabra) has been a word long associated with occult magic. Webster's dictionary defines it this way - 1) a word supposed to have magic powers and hence used in incantations, on amulets, etc. 2) a magic spell or formula. It is no accident that the two Pok_mon called Abra and Kadabra are psychic cards with magical powers.
Alright, seriously, hopefully you're blaming the American branch of Nintendo for this instead of the Japanese, since they are the ones that created the names for these Pokemon. And secondly, well duh, of course it's no coincidence; they did that on purpose because of that word. And, if you don't believe me, there are so many other examples that I can list out. Heck, here are some.
Ekans - it's snake backwards
Arbok - Cobra backwards(well, except c is replaced with a K)
Beedrill - it's a bee with a drill; how much simpler could it get?
Caterpie - it is a caterpillar
Butterfree - it's a butterfly, so I shouldn't have to say anything else
Though, you get where I'm going with this.

So Ash sets out again in search for more of the reclusive, power-filled, little Pokemon. His first step is to find the "psychic Pokemon" called Kadabra and snatch it from its telepathic, pink-eyed trainer, Sabrina. With the ghost Haunter on his side, it should be a cinch!
You need to get your facts correct. You completely twisted how the plot went at that part of the storyline. He caught the ghost Pokemon Haunter so that he could battle against Sabrina and defeat her so that he could acquire the Marsh(?) Badge.

And then I have this to say; do you ever actually think about what you say and research before telling others? I was reading the responses of others, and you people are doing nothing more than taking the words of God and the bible and twisting them, like the Catholics and Lutherans. You are not following God's words when you twist them and get new and different meaning from the original one.
If CAPALERT doesn't approve of the Pokemon movie, then it's unfit for human eyes to look at.

Recently, I was going to see a movie, but when I found out from CAPALERT that it showed an exposed female ankle for 2 seconds, I stayed home. Such graphic nudity would cause nonstop masturbation among our youth, resulting in Satan & the Catholics ruling the earth for all eternity.
Alright, when I saw this part, I was appalled. The fact that you believe that seeing an exposed ankle of a girl would create non-stop masturbation is just absurd! And I have this little bit to go with this(this would be from an acquaintance of mine). And, please take precaution before reading the following part.
She says:
I say:
I says:
you might go see it and touch your tallywhacker
I says:
I says:
She says:
She says:
i touch my t**** to cartoon feet

And, I do believe that is all.
Thank you.
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