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Default Re: Pokemon: (aka Poke-a-man) still a threat to families - 02-07-2008, 08:32 PM

Originally Posted by Datsihyu View Post
HAHAHAHA ARE YOU GUYS SERIOUS. HONESTLY SERIOUS. YOU think that a harmless CARD game or TV show has something to do with satanic blah blah blah all this weird stuff man this is crazy funny you guys are SCARED scared out of your MINDS you have a PHOBIA a PROBLEM. It's just all fun and games its a child's world. Pokemon is fun >.> you guys are so scared of hell and damnation that you've turned POKEMON and taken every little meaning of it into some kind of summoning occult like crap honestly if you went and demanded a guy at a store to stop selling pokemon cards because they're evil, he must have thought you were crazy as hell.
Wow, that was almost coherent. Srsly.

People once thought Dungeons & Dragons was just a harmless card game too. But they found out otherwise.

Pokemon starts out with pretending to summon demons to do your bidding, as a child's game. But then it leads to summoning real demons. Pokemon is a gateway sin.

Salvation is SRS BSNS
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