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Default Re: Why can't the English type? - 06-25-2009, 06:41 AM

Originally Posted by Rev. Jim Osborne View Post
From what I understand, the reason why the English can't type so well is that there aren't many computers over there. They are somewhat backwards with technology so the people have not developed good typing skills. It's not that they can't speak proper English, it's just they do the chicken-pecking and are unsure of how to properly write out their own thoughts. It's common amongst the English...

Ever seen a crowd at MANCHESTER UNITED game? Complete idiots. Bunch of drunken rowdy retards getting excited over watching queers kick a little soccer ball around.

Oh Reverend...My word,i can't understand why you would think we have hardly any pc's over here.Every one in England has access to the internet.Be it personally at home,or through internet cafe's.We are not a backward country at all.A lazy country where writing is concerned maybe.I really take great offence at those comments sir.The British contingent on this forum,have not insulted the United States.why do you feel the need to try and ridicule us?.As for United FC.Have you ever been to a game?.Have you ever seen and felt the passion coming off of the stands at a football game?.I'm talking about Englishmen that work hard and enjoy their weekend sport.It is completely the same as the American passion for you're football.Please Sir,kindly show my Country the same respect as i show to yours.I am not being rude,and certainly am not trying to argue with you,but i have been reading comments like yours,and felt i needed to respond to you.

God Bless You.
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