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Default Re: Oblivion: Video Game Promoting WITCHCRAFT, SATANISM, & POLYTH - 07-15-2009, 12:59 AM

Originally Posted by Rev. Jim Osborne View Post
Greetings brothers and sisters in Christ,

It has come to my attention that the Satanic Cults which plague this country are using video games yet again as a tool to recruit young, impressionable children into their world of sin and rebellion against Our One True Lord Jesus Christ. I visited my niece in Los Angeles the other day, and she is the type of false Christian that thinks you can pick and choose what you want from the Bible like it's the Salad Bar at Sizzler. It turns out her teenage son is playing a game on his computer called Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.

After watching him play this game for an hour, I was appalled, no, downright shocked at what the content of this game provides. Here is a little summary of what I witnessed with very eyes...
  • It is a "Role-Playing Game" for the computer, very similar to the well-known Satanic Dungeons & Dragons.
  • You can pick various "races" for your character, including several demonic looking characters called "elves". With their pointed ears and eerie non-human appearances, it allows children to pretend they are a demon themselves.
  • The game is chockful of blasphemous magic and witchcraft. The player is able to perform a variety of spells such as hurling fire from one's hands, turning oneself invisible, forcing others' against their will to obey and listen to the character, and conjuring up demons from Hell to fight for the player. In fact, magic and witchcraft are a major part of the game and it's difficult to play the game without resorting to these Satanic means.
  • The game makes no mention of God or Jesus Christ, instead it pushes a mythology of "Nine gods". You can go to heretical chapels and actually pray to these gods in this game and they heal you!
  • There is a realm called "Oblivion" which is definitely just Hell with a different name. You are required to go through this Hell environment during the game.
  • Thieving and stealing are promoted in the game. You are allowed to pickpocket other people and steal possessions. One questline of the game actually REWARDS the player for this sinful behavior!
  • You can do quests for these demons called "Daedra". By doing these quests, these demons reward you. This tells our children that by serving demons they will get rewarded.
  • Alcohol in the form of beer, wine, and brandy is available to the player and can be drunk.
  • This game promotes astrology. Upon creating a character, you are forced to choose a "birthsign". More occult ideas pushed upon the impressionable player.
  • There are vampires in the game and a few of them are portrayed as "good guys".
This is just what I gathered watching my grandnephew play this game, and there's no telling what more is embedded in this despicable video game. Personally, I've seen enough! There is so much witchcraft, magic, satanism, polytheism, and blasphemy in this game, it could easily turn a good Christian child away from God. We all know the effects of video games.

It is well-understood that playing that demon-worshipping game "Doom" caused those two kids, Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris to do the Columbine shootings. Yet, a game like Doom only had a handful what Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion offers. What kind of unimaginable crimes will come out of impressionable teenagers playing this game? Or, even there is no violent effects from it, how many children will be led away from Jesus Christ and accept Satanism as their religion?

This video game needs to be taken off the shelves of every store right now. It is harmful and a cancer on society. Every parent out there reading this needs to call up their local store which sells this vile Satanic propoganda tool and demand this "game" be banned. You owe it to yourself as a Christian, and most owe it to your child.

Thank you and God Bless,

Yours in Christ,
Rev. Jim Osborne
I try to contain myself, but its people like this who think that all these games are real, the shootings an columbine were a result of people taking a GAME to seriously. it is a game, if you dont want to use magic become a warrior and fight for the salvation of Tamriel from the realms of oblivion. i can understand your reluctance to like this game due to its support of a polytheistic set of beliefs. but please understand the game before you damn it! if you open your eyes youcan see that this game promotes the idea of being strong and fighting for the salvation of your race! yes, this game does include alcohol, however drinking alcohol causes the player to loses ability's. just as it does in real life. i played through the entire game without ever once drinking alcohol, and no where in the game does it ever promote the drinking of such a substance! as far as vampires: excuse me for the game being christain and judging people for their morality and not what they physically are, a christain who has lost his legs in an unfortunate accident is no less of a christian. on that basis i argue that vampireism was an unforunate accident that happened upon the count of skingrad. please tell me where i am wrong.there is much more i could say about this game. it is an amazing work of art as far as games go. the game is what you make of it, how you control your character in this free environment is up to you, and will ultimatly show your own character. so dont punish those of us who can play the game and stay free of temptation because there are those out there with sin in their hearts.
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