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Default Re: Vatican on Osama Bin LaDEAD: "do not rejoice" - 05-09-2011, 05:48 PM

Originally Posted by Jeb Thurmond View Post
"Christians don't rejoice death?"

Jesus died on the cross for our sins, saving the universe, you know, the reason our symbol is a CROSS, you know, the thingey he DIED on?

Oh, I get it, CATHOLICS don't rejoice death, since they don't rejoice Jesus giving us His blood so that we may be Washed In The Blood Of The Lamb...

Why don't catholics just walk around in T-Shirts reading "Jesus WHO?"
The point of Christianity (As i think, i ain't going to say any "absolute truth" kind of bullcrap.) is that Jesus Christ died on the cross redeem our sins.(If that's the right sentence.)
Not that "Jesus died!Yay!", so christians do not rejoice death, but the redemption of our sins, the reason Jesus died on the cross.
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