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Default Re: Italians taking over Europe - 08-30-2007, 05:23 AM

I could go on with saying she is Italian, And she is her mum was Columbian born Italian descent, I've given you 2 links ask me if you need more.

Perhaps the most popular performer to ever emerge from Latin America, in the 00s Shakira Ripoli managed to transcend the language barrier and establish herself as one of the top entertainment industry names in the world. Born in Colombia to a Lebanese father and a mother of mixed Colombian and Italian descent, at the age of 13 she moved out on her own to pursue a modeling career in the Colombian capital city of Bogotá, but a year later found herself positioned instead as a recording artist for Sony Colombia. Her first album, Magia (1991), appeared shortly afterwards; few people took notice of the release, and less than 1000 copies were sold. A second album released two years later (Peligro, 1993) was given a similar reception, and for a time young singer abandoned music and turned her attention to acting, taking a role on the Colombian soap opera El Oasis while completing her high school education.
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