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Default Re: Minecraft: Makes children sex slaves and destroys our economy - 06-24-2019, 02:46 AM

That's not what I wanted you to gather from that. I'm not insulting notch. I love minecraft! Also how is he a dothead what did he do? Minecraft is one of the most innocent games I've played. Just cause you can build what ever you want doesn't mean you blame the game for what the player does... Also selling christian games is not viable because of how many other cultures you close it off to. Don't blame him for wanting to use his skills to make a fun game thats not christian propaganda. Your life can still be enjoyed. Also I know that minecraft was bought by microsoft and notch is no longer a dev working on it but still he got it started and went with it all the way to 2014! Till he sold it for millions. Not bad for a personal project eh? Anyways I don't know why you want to bash random people if they don't worship god all day and night. Don't let it get in the way of enjoying your live ok? Also no this does not mean you should say I'm suggesting you do things that might get you in trouble cause that's how you enjoy it. Don't put words in my mouth and I won't put em in yours.
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