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That would make us exceedingly glad (Matthew 5:12)! Augustine was one of the founding fathers of the Catholic Cult. The ink on the papyri had barely dried when he started the ongoing persecution against the Pure Word of God by refusing to believe in the Bible as it is but felt compelled to accommodate the latest scientific heresies into his doctrine.

so you admit that your religion is Manichaeism and not Christianity... Good to know

Let us look at his magnum opus, de genesi ad litteram (in reality, the illiterate interpretation, which exemplifies the Papist mindset of soiling everything that is precious and dear to Sweet Jesus).
Basically, Miss Augustina denied that God would be able to express Himself in a clear manner. He started the degenerative process that led the Catholic Cult to the acceptance of repulsive and Demonic issues as follows:If our Bible-based actions can reach Augustine in the Lake of Fire (Revelation 20:15) where he resides, the better! Had Augustine lived during our times (at the End of all times as Jesus will return soon), he probably have not understood that the following verses are accurate and detailed descriptions of dinosaurs. Real things and not pink ponies. Imaginary foolishness began with him and destroyed a Holy Matrimony. It is, indeed, sad.

Augustine of Hippo , also known as Saint Augustine, Saint Austin, Blessed Augustine, and the Doctor of Grace, was an early Christian theologian and philosopher whose writings influenced the development of Western Christianity and Western philosophy. He was the bishop of Hippo Regius (modern-day Annaba, Algeria), located in Numidia (Roman province of Africa). He is viewed as one of the most important Church Fathers in Western Christianity for his writings in the Patristic Era. Among his most important works are The City of God and Confessions.
According to his contemporary, Jerome, Augustine "established anew the ancient Faith." In his early years, he was heavily influenced by Manichaeism and afterward by the neo-Platonism of Plotinus. After his baptism and conversion to Christianity in 386, Augustine developed his own approach to philosophy and theology, accommodating a variety of methods and perspectives. Believing that the grace of Christ was indispensable to human freedom, he helped formulate the doctrine of original sin and made seminal contributions to the development of just war theory.
When the Western Roman Empire began to disintegrate, Augustine developed the concept of the Church as a spiritual City of God, distinct from the material Earthly City. His thoughts profoundly influenced the medieval worldview. The segment of the Church that adhered to the concept of the Trinity as defined by the Council of Nicaea and the Council of Constantinople closely identified with Augustine's City of God.
In the Catholic Church and the Anglican Communion, he is a saint, a preeminent Doctor of the Church, and the patron of the Augustinians. His memorial is celebrated on 28 August, the day of his death. He is the patron saint of brewers, printers, theologians, the alleviation of sore eyes, and a number of cities and dioceses. Many Protestants, especially Calvinists, consider him to be one of the theological fathers of the Protestant Reformation due to his teachings on salvation and divine grace.

Also I'd rather enjoy my MULTI-COLOR PONIES than be you getting smite and Ignited by God for disrespecting the man who made Christianity a thing. enjoy the devil!
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