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Default Re: How My Little Pony destroyed my daughter's marriage. - 12-30-2016, 06:35 PM

Let's start with our scriptures, you do know we also read the King James Version of the bible. And the reason why the angel mormoni took away the golden plates and the seeing stones was because a lot of wicked people wanted to use these sacred items for personal wealth. But let's just say that Joseph smith did indeed wrote the Book of Mormon without divine intervention. Remember that Joseph smith was a poor farmer boy with very little education, and they didn't write the way the Book of Mormon is written in, so he had to have some kind of artifact or records in order to speak that way. He also prophesied that tobacco and alcohol is bad for the human body. Back then tobacco was something not only used for casual use, but for medical use. In fact chapels were filled with the horrific smell of tobacco smoke back then. No one believed him, but wouldn't you look at that, over 100 years later, it was proven that tobacco was bad for the human body. Oh and then there is this tiny little verse that means a lot. 1. Nephi 3:10 And it came to pass that when we had gone up to the land of Jerusalem, I and my brethren did consult one another. Do you see why that is a major point? No? Ok well let me point it out "gone up to the land of Jerusalem" it's only Jerusalem that they say it like that. The reason why that's a big deal, is that they are literally going up to Jerusalem, as in the city is on a hill, and a steep one at that. Joseph smith wouldn't known about that unless he was extremely educated and had access to ancient artifacts or had divine help. If he was extremely educated, that means he wasn't a poor farmer boy, and if he had access to ancient records, he still needed a translator, something that didn't exist for ancient languages at that time.
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