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African Re: MEMES ARE RUINING SOCIETY!!!!! - 06-01-2018, 11:47 PM

Originally Posted by Thomas Taylor View Post
Dear New Person,

I see you have given us your phone number as a username, how original. Anyway, tell us more about your home country of Swaziland. Are you still chucking spears at each other? Do you still toi-toi in the streets and force young girls to wear rubber necklaces? What is the economy like now that the white man does not do everything for you?

That's way too long to be a phone number (I'm pretty sure). I don't know what makes you think that this person is from Swaziland. Even if they are, for you to assume that they chuck spears is very racist. It's also a misrepresentation of African culture to say people in Swaziland force little girls, to wear rubber necklaces, I'm not really sure where that happens, but it isn't there. Also, black people can do just fine without white people around.

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